NVANA Annual Meeting – Oct. 17 2015 Las Vegas

Meeting Notes

Thank you to Karen Murphy for hosting at her house!
  1. Introduction of members present. Attendees: Morgan Beeson, Stephen Carrier, Andea Cook, Nancy Yang Digsby, SRNA,  Robert Erickson, Joanne Heins, Jan Kleinsasser, Brenda Koiro, Lauria Mason, Karen Murphy, Steven Sertich, Norma Sorelle, Toni Turner, and Margaret Wilson.
  2. Dr. Annette Teijeiro is running for Congress District 3. She is very pro CRNA (her husband is Steve Sertich, incoming NVANA President). Together, they were instrumental in helping to defeat SB181.  We should lend her our support, whether it is donation of time or money.
  3. NVANA has not been pleased with the performance of our previous lobbyist. We recently learned that this lobbyist currently represents Sunrise Hospital, creating a conflict of interest. NVANA is in current search of a lobbyist to speak for our interests on State and National level. Brenda Koiro, Morgan Beeson, Margaret Wilson and Joanne Heins will try to sort out the lobbyist situation.
  4. The Nevada State Board of Nursing does not currently have a CRNA sitting on the board.  The Board of Nursing advocates for public safety.  Let’s try to get a CRNA on the Nevada Board of Nursing.       
  5. Currently, APRNs has independent practice privileges in Nevada but not CRNAs.  The current Nevada State law states that CRNAs can give anesthesia at the request of a surgeon, podiatrist or dentist (may include gastroenterologist).  We need to have further discussion on whether to pursue “opt-out” legislation or continue supporting the current law, or amending the current law. 
  6.  Joanne Heins encouraged fellow CRNAs to join NAPNA to help develop closer ties with APRNs. They can be helpful if any problems with The Board of Nursing arise.  NAPNA will meet this February. 
  7. Margaret Wilson suggested we send up to four people to the Mid Year Assembly next year to discuss current state issues with state and national politicians.  There are funds available to help defray costs. 
  8. Information is available on the AANA website regarding multiple state initiatives against licensing of AAs: AANA/ My AANA/ Advocacy/ State government affairs/State update November 2015.  Anyone who has been part of the fast action team, please consider that job as ongoing.  And thanks to everyone who rallied to get the AA bill defeated (SB 181). Robert Erickson and Steve Hamilton will be on point for state legislative issues.
  9. Brenda Koiro and Morgan Beeson will help each CRNA in the state to be more organized and informed on who their exact Senator and Legislators are. They will also look at making the web site more useful and interactive.
  10.  NVANA would like to meet more then once a year to keep communication open between members. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for January or February at the home of Joanne Heins. 
  11. CRNA week January 24-30, 2016.  Jan Kleinsasser is going to try to get something organized for publicity during National Nurse Anesthetist Week in January.
Meeting adjourned.