NVANA 2014 Annual Meeting – Las Vegas

NVAVA 2014 Annual Meeting – Las Vegas

In attendance:

  • Joanne Heins, CRNA President
  • Steven Sertich, CRNA President –Elect, former AANA Region 5 Director
  • Toni Turner, CRNA
  • Brenda Koiro, CRNA
  • Karen Murphy, CRNA
  • Margaret Wilson, CRNA
  • Morgan Beeson, CRNA
  • Suk Hi Ross, CRNA
  • Jennifer Brown, CRNA
  1. The NBCRNA CPC Program was the first topic discussed. Joanne and Steve provided an overview of the history and future of the NBCRNA. Kate Jansky CRNA, Region 5 Director sent the following email to the Region 5 State Presidents. The email is being reproduced with the consent of Joanne Heins and Kate Jansky.

Subject: NBCRNA Update

Hello State Presidents:

As a follow up to the AANA Annual Congress, the AANA President and President elect met with the NBCRNA Executive Committee on October 21st in Chicago to discuss the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program, resolution 2014-2, and the Recognition Agreement.

NBCRNA has agreed to 2 elected AANA members on their BOD, for which they will rewrite their bylaws. There will be an NBCRNA liason directly to the Continuing Education Committee, to ensure work is collaborative. NBCRNA assures us they have no plans to certify any other professionals.

In the past, the NBCRNA has made significant changes to the CPC Program and are now considering more changes to the future program addressing members’ requests.

Both AANA and NBCRNA leadership are working on a communication plan to provide transparency of the CPC Program and our relationship.

For the future of our great profession, the AANA and the NBCRNA are working together to address the member’s concerns in a positive manner. The strength of our profession has been the working relationship that we have with each other. As we speak to legislators, healthcare policy makers, and facility administrators, we show strength in unity while delivering the same message

Both organizations appreciate the time allowed to define and operationalize the process. There will be a major announcement of the full negotiations at Fall Leadership Academy.

Kate Jansky, CRNA, MS Ltc USA (Retired)
Director, Region 5 

  1. Steve Hamilton, CRNA State Government Relations Chair, wrote in to Joanne Heins regarding the national efforts that are being made on behalf of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Access to Care through ARRN Full Practice Authority. For additional information visit AANA/ Advocacy/ Federal Government Affairs. A sample CRNA letter in support for the VA proposal to recognize CRNAs and other APRNs as Full Practice Providers (FPP) is available online using the Take Action tool at www.crna-pac.com.
  1. The Nevada State AA proposal, SB 181, Provides for the licensure of certified anesthesiology assistants (BDR 54-240). The Feb 2015 session will hear strong support from the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the American Medical Association. Additional information for opposition to the bill can be found at AANA/ Advocacy/ stategovaffairs/documents/AA fact sheet.
  1. Margaret Wilson, CRNA nominated Dan Simonson CRNA, MHPA for VP of AANA with a second nomination from Steve Sertich, CRNA. The vote was unanimous in favor for the nomination.

    Margaret Wilson, CRNA nominated Kate Janski, CRNA for treasurer of AANA with a second nomination from Toni Turner, CRNA. The vote was unanimous in favor for the nomination.

  1. Treasury Report and Budget