AANA Mid Year Assembly 2016

The AANA Mid Year Assembly took place April 2-6 in Washington, DC.

People attending the Mid Year Assembly from NVANA:
Jan Kleinsasser, Robert Erickson, Joanne Heins.

Topics covered:

  1. Essentials of effective CRNA advocacy.
  2. Best practices of individual CRNAs related to the overall AANA advocacy program.
  3. Logistical tasks such as conducting a meeting with legislators & staff to further CRNA policy and practice interests
  4. What our past teaches us about today and tomorrow, an insider’s view.
  5. Practice session.
  6. Board meeting, AANA President, Executive Director, Treasurer’s reports.
  7. CRNA-PAC Report & AANA Foundation Report.
  8. Awards for FPD of the year & state government relations advocacy.
  9. Health care policy changes shaping CRNAs future.
  10. AANA attorney’s report on the top 10 events impacting state regulation of CRNAs
  11. Individual region meetings (we are region 5)
  12. Speeches/presentations by the slate of candidates for region and Board of Directors positions.
  13. Rally on the west lawn of  The Capitol Building (very inspiring, but 30F and very windy…holy cow!)
  14. Visits to the senators and representatives (see below)

Visit report:

Jan, Robert and Joanne were able to visit the following offices on Tuesday, April 5: Senator Reid, Representatives Amodei, Titus & Hardy.  In all these offices we met with staff, we gave them information very well prepared by the AANA.  The biggest current push is the VHA proposal, HR 1247.  Sadly, these meetings are set up a long time in advance, and the House of Representatives was in recess! So, we did not meet with any reps.  Senator Reid also did not see us, but we spoke with an administrative aid.  Jan and Robert had to fly away home, so on Wed., April 6, Joanne Heins met with staff in Rep. Joe Heck’s office and in Senator Heller’s office.  Sen. Heller finished a meeting, and stopped by quickly, but I was able to point out that CRNAs are an excellent solution to rising healthcare costs!  We are safe and affordable.  He indicated interest, and said that he would look at the information I had, and especially the VA issue. (which is S 2279 in the Senate). If you are interested in more information, especially if you would like to see a copy of the information we take to the legislators, please contact Joanne Heins, jkheins57@gmail.com

I cannot stress enough what a good experience this is!  AANA is excellent at clearly stating our issues.  They help set things up, and you really get to see the value of membership!!! Plan to participate next year!

Thank you to Jason Girouard for setting up meetings even though he was unable to join us.